Ko-Lab is a hacker and makerspace. It is a community-operated workspace where people can meet, socialize and ko-laborate. Often with common interests in science, technology, articrafts, digital art etc. It offers the place and time to do or find out what you really love to do. Location: Potterijstraat – 2800 Mechelen (Antwerpen), Green gate at the end of the street Site: ko-lab.space Read more →

Liege Hackerspace

Liege Hackerspace is a place where people with an interest for technology, science and art can meet and work together. We’re open every wednesday from 6:30pm to 11pm and every saturday from 1pm to 7pm. Location: Quai de la Dérivation 54, 4020 Liege Website: www.lghs.be IRC: #lghs Twitter: @LgHackerSpace Facebook: facebook.com/liegehackerspace Read more →

Micro Factory

Micro Factory is a manufacturing workshop for professionals and individuals. It is accessible to everyone by subscription, like a gym club. It is equipped for working with wood, metal, digital fabrication and many other things shared by its users. Location: 55 quai Fernand Demets, 1070 Anderlecht site: http://microfactory.be/ Read more →


The Open Garage is not a hackerspace in its pure essence, but a privately owned garage that opens every Thursday evening for everyone who wants to use the available infrastructure. We’re usually a few nerds playing with electronics, 3d printers, CNC machinery, and have many various ongoing projects. Everyone who wants to be excellent to the rest of us there, feel free to join in and meet up at http://meetup.com/OpenGarage contact @aliekens for details (address) or follow him on Twitter for announcements. Read more →


UrLab is the hackerspace of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. It was founded in the beginning of 2012 by students of many different backgrounds with the idea of bringing the hacker culture to their fellow ULB students. UrLab is open to everyone, not only to students. We meet every Wednesday evening, feel free to come and hack with us! We put an emphasize on sharing, good atmosphere and openess. Here is a list of the current projects. Read more →