Hackerspace Brussels


Hacker Space Brussels (HSBXL) is a space, dedicated to various aspects of constructive & creative hacking, located in St-Josse. The space is about 100 square meters, there is a little electronics lab with over 9000 components, a library,and lots of tools. You're always welcome to follow one of the workshops or come to the weekly Tuesday meetings, hack nights or other get-together events. We are moving

The city of Scha{a,e}rbeek has graciously allowed us to stay at the garage for almost 2 years, but this location has another long term destination. So we have to move before the 1st of may.

We have found another location, and we are calling it HSBng, more info on this location on it's page There is still a lot to be done at this location, so if you feel like helping, please let us know.